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Duke Nukem Reloaded & Interceptor Entertainment – Part 4: The Conclusion

In this fourth part, I will shred light on what happened, with Duke Nukem Reloaded. The journey to U.S.A was very interesting, but the result of the Gearbox presentation, was not exactly as expected. We didn’t get a clear answer of what was going to happen with Duke Nukem Reloaded, or what we were going to do next.

Gearbox was extremely impressed by the work we have done. The problem was that it was far beyond a simple texture overhaul of the original.
This was a full AAA re-envisioning.

When I came back to Denmark, I had a meeting with my team. We quickly made a decision, that we wanted to continue working on the project.
After all, Gearbox were very impressed. So of course the future of Reloaded was secure. Right?

Unfortunately, we were wrong.

A couple of months went, and I had a very hard time communicating with Gearbox. We wanted to get an answer. What was going to happen with the project?
I didnt want my team to keep working on a project, which future wasn’t secure. Once every second week, I reached out for my contact at Gearbox Software, and addressed how important it was to get a conclusion. I had a 30+ man team, standing by.


After waiting almost 3 months for a definite answer, our patience had expired.

Gearbox have 100% control over everything related to Duke Nukem. Without their “GO” or a license, you are not allowed to create anything related to Duke Nukem. Gearbox owned everything related to Reloaded, from a legal perspective. So without a definite decision from their part, we couldn’t do anything but wait.

Finally I got a call from Gearbox Software in September. I don’t want to quote specifics, since those calls are confidential.
And unfortunately, the result of the conversation, was not what we were hoping for.

After the call we were required to pull all media related to Reloaded, from our website and Facebook.

So my primary questions were the following:  What were we supposed to do? Cancel the project? Would Gearbox going to allow us to release it sometime in the future?

I could in no way, justify having my team spend so much time on a project like this – Even working full time on the project, without knowing if it was ever going to see the light of the day.

So i asked them one simple question – Would they ever going to plan on letting us release or share media from Reloaded?

Unfortunately they couldn’t give us an answer to that. Ofcourse we could keep working on it, if we wanted to.
But they couldn’t tell us if they would allow the game to be released.

I did the only reasonable thing i could do, and told them the following:

I have spent a year in total on this project. Ever single day, working full time. For free. And so have most of my team members. I have spent my life savings on this project.
I can in no way justify having them continue working on this project, if you don’t want to see it getting released. So I’m afraid i have to put the project on hold, until you can give us a definite answer.

Last but not least, I wanted to tell the fans the story of what really happened.

Let me make it clear – It was OUR OWN decision to put it on hold. But i think we were in a position where we basically had no choice.

The following day we wanted to post the news on our website. Gearbox Software and I cooperated in the creation of the News post.
I got a message by email, which I afterwards posted on our website:

After careful consideration of the progress and direction of the project, Interceptor Entertainment has decided to finish Duke Nukem: Reloaded at a future date that is yet to be determined.

Interceptor Entertainment still has the good will and non commercial license provided to us to use the Duke Nukem brand for our creative ambitions. We hope to resume that work again when the time is right.

In the interim, please know that the praise and support we received for our efforts has been both overwhelming and appreciated. Interceptor Entertainment looks forward to revisiting the DNR project in the future, along with several other new, creative pursuits. Our fans can rest assured: We are going to focus our efforts on exciting endeavors and we welcome the challenges that await us!

With sincere gratitude to our fans for their incredible support,
Interceptor Entertainment

And that was the end of the Duke Nukem Reloaded project.


So what happened next? The following months everything changed drastically. A lot of amazing things happened, which put us in a much better position, than when were working with Gearbox. Today we are an established studio, working on 2 commercial AAA titles, and things have never been better.

Check out the last and final part of the story, in the next blog!




  • Moises J. Ramos


    Well that is really bad news to hear. Hopefully your next titles will show Gearbox, of the mistake they made. But its obvious why such thing was done. After the bad reviews of DNF, they didn't want your DK:R to be release since it was going to be praise more than their DNF.

  • blex


    **** gearbox. Hope that some hackers crack interceptors servers and release the full game on torrents.

    • Frederik Schreiber


      I would strongly advise against that. One thing is not being able to finish it. What would be even worse for Interceptor, would be to have an early version of a title leaked - That has nothing to do with Duke Nukem in general. But it would hurt Interceptor and our investors, if such thing would happen.

  • Charles Ferran


    I'm glad I finally got to hear the full story. Sad I can't work for the Duke anymore for the time being but I hope I can still help Interceptor in the future! Frederik please send me a message if I can be of any help! I had a great time working on Reloaded, and know I can help with your new projects as well.

  • Kyphros


    I guess i'll have to believe that Duke has died twice now. It doesn't surprise me, but, well. I'm still angry after everyone involved in this because DNR probably will never see the light of the day. Randy Pitchford, if you ever read this, go to hell. Duke Nukem Reloaded was the best occasion you had of making Duke a legend again. And you ruined it.

  • Justy


    Of course Gearbox is just a bunch of anal clowns which don't cares about anyone but money.

    • Luke


      Justy: "Of course Gearbox is just a bunch of anal clowns which don't cares about anyone but money." I don't see how removing the ability to use the console in the retail version has anything to do with money... it seems to me that they want to annoy people.

  • JK


    Hey Fresch, Thanks for writing this blog and clarifying the whole story about what happened. I can understand why Gearbox put the brakes on DN3DR. Unfortunatly being a big company as they are, anything they don't like or anything they see as a threat to them, they'll stop. I think it's really cruel that you went to them looking for support, they gave you that support then crushed your dreams of developing this game and pretty much wasted your time. Take comfort in the fact that the dream you had plus the guys you had working on this, little Interceptor Entertainment made a major games company effectively s*** their pants in fear and forced them to kick you guys down. I really hope this hasn't dis-heartened yourself or your team. Should you continue to want to develop great games, Interceptor will make it to the big time. All the best! JK aka Doofer911

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